About Us

Rose Arch Education develops technology solutions that support schools to develop their students as ‘meta’ learners - independent learners who are in control of making their own progress. We work directly with schools and other education organisations to design and develop ed-tech products enabling learners to thrive and teachers to increase their impact.

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Our Tech

  • meta mirror logo

    A platform that allows learners to build portfolios of evidence and monitor their progress across a flexible range of learning dispositions, thinking skills and traditional subjects.

  • adventures in metacognition logo

    A learning platform that allows schools to gamify the content they are seeking to communicate via character led micro videos and accompanying activities. Learners can also upload evidence of their work and reflect on its value to their learning.

  • thinking frames logo

    An app providing access to a set of dual coding, graphic organisers that offer learners a way to improve knowledge recall and explicitly see, develop and reflect on their own cognitive and meta-cognitive processes.

  • digital intelligent practive logo

    An adaptive learning platform that enables educators to offer their students practice questions across a range of subjects, marks the answers, provides hints and solutions and progress monitoring graphics.

Our Team

The Rose Arch Education team is a tight-knit group of talented
people with a shared passion for what we do.

  • Ali

    Ali avatar

    Ali is the founder of Rose Arch Education. He is a passionate believer in technology having an important role in advancing independent learning - not least his own!

  • Annabel

    Annabel avatar

    Vies with Phoebe for our monthly ‘resident polymath’ award - IT project management, maths whizz, economics guru as well as all round super-mum Annabel serenely draws all the different elements of our projects together.

  • Bella

    Bella avatar

    Having worked as a teacher and then school leader for a number of years, Bella links her detailed understanding of school needs with tech savvy.

  • Phoebe

    Phoebe avatar

    Blends front end design with back end functionality and deftly marries customer requirements to developers demands by seamlessly translating teacher talk to tech speak!

  • Sam

    Sam avatar

    Sam’s the man when it comes to our Thinking Frames - there isn’t a thinking process out there which he can’t write code for - that’s when he isn’t leading orienteering expeditions and teaching the rest of us about forensic cyber-security.

  • George

    George avatar

    George works across the stack on all of our applications. Utilising a passion for frontend they make certain that everything is kept looking shipshape.